A Libertarian Take on Making Money Beyond the Financial Services Industry

Investment Club of America

A Libertarian Take on Making Money Beyond the Financial Services Industry

It’s a given. We all want to make more money on our investments. But did you know that more than
ninety percent of traditional money managers in the United States underperform the stock market in
relation to the market index?

Here are the facts regarding money managers in America… Over the last 15 years, 92.33% of large cap
managers, 94.81% of mid cap managers, and 95.73% of small cap managers failed to outperform the
market index (Source: SPIVA US Year End Report. SPIVA means S&P Indexes versus active
management). Stated a different way, over the last 15 years, only one in 13 large-cap managers, only
one in 19 mid-cap managers, and one in 23 small-cap managers, were able to outperform their
benchmark index.

What’s more alarming is that these chronically underperforming money managers are the highest paid
individuals in any profession. For those of you with managed IRAs and 401ks, the results are even
more dismal.

In contrast, the Investment Club of America encourages its members to look beyond the financial
services industry for guidance on their investments and the Club has a solid track record of proven
success. Much of our success is due to the fact that we take an active role in the companies in which we
invest and often serve in an advisory capacity or on the Board. Collectively, members bring expertise in
both the vetting process and/or at the management level. Several members have skill sets that directly
relate to the companies in which we invest.

From a Libertarian perspective, we are pleased with President Trump’s determination to cut many
regulations out of our system and shrink the size of big government. Unelected bureaucrats in
Washington, D.C. should not be allowed to make sweeping decisions that impact the pocketbooks of
millions of Americans.

Of course, as Libertarians, we agree on decreasing the overreaching power of the Government and
bringing the power back to the states and to the people where it belongs and where our forefathers
intended it to be. However, we believe it’s short-sighted that Libertarians who are concerned about
government interference in their lives don’t consider that in many instances the financial services
industry has a considerably greater negative impact on their lives than policy does. The way money
managers currently operate in the United States limits how much money we can all make.

As Libertarians, we must insist that money managers should not be able to take away our wealth by
chronic underperformance. Left unchecked, these money managers are enhancing their own lifestyles
at the expense of the American people.

The Investment Club of America is the alternative to dependence on the financial services industry. We
have a solid track record of success with over 200 members and more than $24 million invested in
deals over the last seven years that have all met or exceeded expectations. Our performance far exceeds
market indexes. FreedomFest Founder Mark Skousen is a proud member of the Club.

Here is what Mark recently wrote about the Club:

“It’s been a pleasure working with The Investment Club of America over the years. Those managing
the investments I’ve made through the Club are a wise steward of my funds. They have always been
available, forthright, and willing to answer my questions, and to work with my subscribers to fulfill
their needs. Investing with the Club has been extremely profitable so far, and speaking at their
EconoSummit has been a real joy. I’ve been an investor for several years and have made considerable
profits as a partner in several gyms in Southern California.”
(Mark Skousen)

In terms of the process, Club members can opt in or opt out of any deal. Ninety percent of the Club
members are considered accredited investors by securities definition ($1 million in net worth, not
including their principal residence). In addition to offering access to investment opportunities, the Club
focuses on providing high-level education with world-class speakers on a monthly basis, and offers
unparalleled networking opportunities.

Some of our speakers over the last several years have included: Mark Skousen. William Strauss,
Praveen Varshney, Jeff Clark, Jay Adkisson, Sean Flynn, Paul Wendee, Travis Krauss, Thomas Lake,
Marcus Mumford, David Damore PhD, Dr. Bo Bernard, Josh Effron, Steve Hawks, Keith Smith, Dr.
Michael Gunter, Johnathan Galaviz, Richard Lee, Wayne Root, Renee West, and Mike Lathigee. See
the impressive biographies at www.investmentclubofamerica.com.

The Club also supports the Convention of States in its mission to limit the power of the U.S. Federal
Government. www.conventionofstates.com.

The Investment Club of America is truly a club for THE SERIOUS INVESTOR. Come visit us at Booth #503 or watch one of our live presentations July 17-20, 2019 at FreedomFest and consider to join our membership team.

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