American Majority Returns to FreedomFest to Train Freedom Lovers

Coalition Building

As a politically active person, you probably realize that there is a need for greater community involvement. You are proof that there are people in our communities interested in discovering solutions. When we connect with these individuals or organizations within our communities, we are then able to build coalitions based on the common beliefs we share. The key to this process is always seeking to create a group that works well together and shares common values. As you go about creating a coalition, purposely look for other people or organizations who have a
passion for the same issues.

Success comes when we grow a nucleus of people who are striving toward similar goals. All of us are more effective when we are working with others to accomplish a common purpose. Some of the most basic benefits of building coalitions include:
● A greatly increased potential for success
● The ability to win on more fronts than a single person or organization can when working alone
● The opportunities for new members to bring different contributions that add value to the overall strategy for change; these additional ideas improve efficiency and avoid redundant efforts among members
● An increased general knowledge of your issue brings new people outside of the coalition to greater awareness of your purpose
● The sharing of resources fosters networking and knowledge for everyone involved
● An influx of resources and perspectives adds layers of valuable experience
● A stronger and more focused foundation for effective change
● A broader ability to develop leadership skills among your members

Join Ned Ryun, Founder and CEO of American Majority on Wednesday, July 17, 2019 for our Coalition Building Training. Click on this link to register.

Ned Ryun is the founder and CEO of American Majority, and a grassroots and conservative activism expert. A former writer for President George W. Bush and the son of former Olympic medalist and U.S. Rep. Jim Ryun (R-KS), Ned is highly sought after for his commentary on Tea Party politics, the national political scene, grassroots engagement and the conservative movement in general. Ned is regularly featured on Fox & Friends First on Fox News Channel as well as Trish Regan Primetime on Fox Business Channel, and has also appeared on ABC, CNN, and MSNBC, and been quoted in numerous print publications. Ryun graduated summa cum laude from the University of Kansas with degrees in English and History. Ned Ryun resides in Purcellville, Virginia, with his wife and four children.

About American Majority: We focus on winning on the issues, and on giving candidates, campaigns, and activists the tools and technology to see the best policies adopted in the modern climate. Best-in-business speakers present cutting-edge topics to empower men and women to 1) run for office and 2) promote liberty through political activism. We bring you the top conservative political training in the nation. Thousands are trained each year in communities across the country to be catalysts for authentic change in government. We’re proud of the 44,200+ people who have attended one of our 1,200+ trainings across all 50 states over the past ten years. We’re even more proud of what they’ve accomplished with the things they learned.  Click on this link to register for our training at FreedomFest.

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