Changing The World One Drop At A Time

WOW! We had a great time meeting you all at the FreedomFest. While we had so much fun oiling you all up to help get you through those powerful days we were sad to see it end. Since some of you didn’t get the chance to visit us before our flights took off, we wanted to share some important information about how you can implement essential oils into your lives.

We’ve helped thousands of families just like you implement Essential Oils with ease.

So, what’s all the buzz around essentials? Essential oils are aromatic compounds that come from the plants roots, stems, flowers, bark, skin and seeds. We like to call them gifts of the earth.

Why use essential oils? Essential oils are amazing and powerful — like I said, gifts of the earth. We can honestly say they have changed our lives in so many different ways.

We use oils for everything.

  • kids health

  • emotions

  • cleaning

  • weight loss,

  • a non-toxic home environment,

  • skin care,

  • mental focus, and so much more.

BUT…..did you know that not all essential oils are equal? Say, what? That’s right. According to a study conducted by Roseman University, 95% of all essential oils on the market are adulterated. In fact, their research brought to light that human cells do in fact know the difference between a naturally sourced oil and a synthetically produced oil. Check out the “oil effect” article here and then get to a trash can and dump those store bought oils.

Now that we got that out of the way, we’d love to invite you to discover how you can use individual essential oils and apply them topically on your skin, how you can use them aromatically by diffusing them and how you can safely take them internally and even use them in your cooking.

We invite you to check out this list of our upcoming classes. Register and jump on any one of these workshops. FreedomFest attendees all receive a special gift so please mention FREEDOMFEST 2021 during the workshop so we can send you out your gift.

You may also contact us for a free personal wellness consultation.

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We look forward to getting to know you more and coaching you along the way as you begin your oil journey to a non-toxic healthy, wealthy, wise and lifestyle.


All the best,

Kristen Yousef – Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Melody Watts – Health Empowerment Advocate, Natural Solutions Guru and Biohacker

Dr. Katie Layden –  Doctor of Chiropractic