Don’t Fence Us In: The Atlas Society

Don’t Fence Us In: The Atlas Society Brings a Multimodal Approach to FreedomFest

The Atlas Society is honored to announce that our viral Draw My Life video, My Name is Victimhood, is a finalist in this year’s Anthem Libertarian Film Festival at Freedom Fest, July 17 – 20, 2019. Written by Jennifer Grossman, My Name is Victimhood personifies Victimhood as a backstabbing villainess disguised as a damsel in distress. Her petty power struggles spread an evil poison of entitlement and hatred – corroding the individual and corrupting democracy. The Wild West may have posed challenges, but even the worst crimes committed by the baddest outlaws can’t compare to the crimes of Victimhood. Like Karl Marx, who grouped people into classes and pitted them against each other, Victimhood has a plan for social turmoil: “Turn grief into grievance. Find someone to resent, to blame, and to pay.”  But Victimhood has a nemesis: Ayn Rand, whose philosophy of reason, achievement, and enlightened self-interest are the antidote to Victimhood’s poison. My Name Is Victimhood went viral on Facebook, and we are thrilled to be screening it live to the FreedomFest audience. See you at the Paris Resort in Las Vegas!


The Atlas Society Senior Scholar Stephen Hicks Ph. D. is a well-known defender of individualism, enlightenment philosophy, and free market capitalism, a philosopher for hire who’ll be in town to reckon with the problem of “Why Socialism Works.” The author of Explaining Postmodernism and Ayn Rand and Contemporary Business Ethics, Hicks will discuss why the fake morality of socialism will be a bust for millennials and why the true and morally defensible gold rush has always been capitalism.


This is not Jennifer Grossman’s first rodeo either. The CEO of The Atlas Society, Grossman will bring her expertise in multimodal approaches to broadcasting the message of individualism, capitalism, and self-interest to the FreedomFest general session panel, “Beyond Ayn Rand: The Power and Vision of Libertarian Women.” Grossman will join other leaders of influential libertarian, Objectivist, and free market think tanks and organizations to discuss and debate the widespread influence of women in the liberty movement.

Finally, several of The Atlas Society’s critically acclaimed books will be for sale at the FreedomFest bookstore.

In Truth and Toleration, David Kelley, Ph.D. documents the philosophical debate that resulted in the founding of The Atlas Society and Open Objectivism. Kelley will be on hand for a book signing event during the conference.  In ANTHEM: The Graphic Novel, Jennifer Grossman and Dan Parsons teamed up to introduce a new generation to the story of a civilization destroyed by envy with a provocative, graphic presentation of Ayn Rand’s classic 1938 novella, Anthem. Our BRAND NEW Pocket Guide to Atlas Shrugged is a thorough, quick, and easy-to-use readers’ tool. The Pocket Guide contains essential biographical information about Ayn Rand, a complete plot synopsis of Atlas Shrugged, and an alphabetical guide to the novel’s cast of characters.

In Ayn Rand and Contemporary Business Ethics, The Atlas Society Senior Scholar Stephen Hicks, Ph. D. makes the moral argument for egoism as a capitalist business ethic. In Ayn Rand and Altruism, independent scholar George H. Smith argues that Ayn Rand objected to altruism on the grounds that it is a duty that has serious political consequences. Altruism becomes the moral basis of collectivism, to be used malevolently to force individuals to sacrifice themselves.

So saddle up and check out The Atlas Society at FreedomFest 2019 at the Paris in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 17-20!


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