Marketing and Advertising in a Post- Pandemic Economy

7 Urgent Actions Business Owners, Marketing Directors, Non-Profit Organizations, and Political Campaigns Should Take Now to Thrive and Dominate

Whether you are in the business-to-business or business-to-consumer space, non-profit or political space, you must take immediate action not only to grow in 2021, but to dramatically expand and reach market dominance.

What you do now will make all the difference in the growing economy… with political and economic uncertainties.

I know because I’ve helped guide companies through 5 recessions and inflation. The big questions:

  • Should you increase or decrease your budget?
  • Should you change your marketing or advertising strategy? If so, how?
  • What should you be doing in the days, months and year ahead?
  • What should you be doing as the economy recovers to dominate your market?

Based upon what I’ve learned during my last 40 years helping companies survive and prosper, testing 10,000 variables, launching companies from a dream to multi-million dollar realities using the most advanced strategies to grow a company, Caleb Huey and I will be sharing our expertise at FreedomFest 2021 to help guide you through these unprecedented times.

Please join me on Thursday, July 24th, 11:00 AM in the Alpine room to hear how, if you use the right strategies and tactics at the right time, you will not only see your sales and profits restored … you could position yourself to dominate your market.

Caleb and I will share the tactics and strategies we’ve learned from the five previous economic recoveries … and show you how to prosper in a post-pandemic economy, based on history, results, and experience.

During this fast-paced, comprehensive talk, we’ll give you an understanding of:

  • The post-pandemic economy and what it means from a marketing perspective …
  • 4 little-known, powerful lessons for growing a company with integrated multichannel marketing
  • 3 surprising scenarios that could lie ahead in the coming months … and how to prepare for all of them …
  • The #1 blunder most markets will make during an economic recovery and inflationary environment (and how to easily avoid it) …
  • 7 growth tactics and strategies that your competition will overlook, but will lead your company to market domination …
  • Overlooked new marketing techniques such as geofencing, Transactional Data Modeling (TDM), Newsalogs and Strategic App Marketing (SAM)
  • How direct response copy can double or triple your engagement in the economic recovery: what to say and what not to say …
  • The amazing secret companies have learned to supercharge their revenue
  • How to integrate direct mail and digital, including the revolutionary “addressable TV”, to generate leads, sales or donations.
  • What to change in your marketing strategy – today

No matter your business or your customer, you are sure to benefit from the response-boosting secrets we’ll reveal in this talk.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear us:

Saturday, July 24th, 11:00 AM  in the Alpine room.

 To find out more about how CDMG’s direct response services can help your advertising grow, call Craig personally at 615-814-6633 to make an appointment here at FreedomFest.

Come visit us at FreedomFest Booth 114

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