Using a Sledge Hammer to Crack a Nut

Today the Wall Street Journal issued its best editorial regarding the current crisis: “No society can safeguard public health for long at the cost of its economic health.”

The WSJ is finally saying what a lot of us have been saying all along — government officials are using a sledge hammer to crack a nut.

What various government officials are doing is over the top, shutting down entire states, closing airports, and threatening to take over private businesses “for our own good.” This will cause a true Depression if it lasts more than a couple more weeks.

Harry Schultz once said, “Never underestimate the size of a panic, nor the power of a politician.” So true!

It’s scary how, over time, we’ve accepted the use of executive orders to impose draconian measures. Now we are paying the price. I’ve heard rumors that martial law will be imposed on Sunday. Governor Newsom is set to commandeer hotels to solve the homeless problem in California. Grocery stores are in his sightline as well.

Our freedoms are being squeezed from both sides. “More and more, everything is either prohibited or mandated.” — Jorge Quiroga (president of Bolivia, 2001-02). Now it’s happening in America.

When this crisis began two weeks ago, private companies made private decisions about whether to begin working from home—and many of them did. Enterprising grocery stores made private decisions to bring “all hands on deck” to keep food and supplies on their shelves. Private producers of food, paper goods, medicines and other necessities anticipated needs and changed their production lines to keep those items headed around the country.

And the panic calmed down—until the next executive order reducing services. Yesterday at the grocery store we found meat, milk, fresh produce, water, even bread. There was a calmness in the air. Then Governor Newsom issued his lockdown edict, and all hell broke loose again.

It’s time for the President to say, “Enough,” and sign his own Executive Order: “Businesses, keep doing what you’re doing. Let us know how we can help you.” Residents need to continue being cautious and clean. Yes, some people are going to get sick. Most of them are going to get well. And we won’t utterly destroy what’s left of this great country.
If we let these clowns in power impose martial law, it will drag on for months, destroy our very livelihood, and lead us to another Great Depression. There are some fates worse than death.

Mark Skousen
Presidential Fellow, Chapman University
Producer, FreedomFest
“The World’s Largest Gathering of Free Minds”
July 13-16, 2020, Paris Resort, Las Vegas

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  1. Steve Sargeant March 23, 2020 Reply

    Right on neighbor! I live in Tustin – couldn’t agree more!!!

  2. Diana Zoppa March 26, 2020 Reply

    Enough is Enough is right!! FREEDOM TO FASCISM IN THREE EASY STEPS!!! Stop the madness!

  3. caroline muir March 26, 2020 Reply

    Thank you, Joanne, for stating what I believe is totally true. This is the most over-done, unnecessary ploy by the deep state to take over our precious country, and destroy what every American has worked so hard to preserve… their freedom.

  4. Smiley G. Calderón March 27, 2020 Reply

    Endangering health and life while risking death for the Almighty Dollar, or to keep our great economy afloat, will result in a society built upon the backs of the disenfranchised who are forced to work and it will be soaked in the sacrifice of their blood – because many of them will die directly due to workplace infections. But, if our executive federal government had wanted to keep our economy functioning during this unprecedented pandemic, it would had acted months ago – back in December or January when the epidemic first exploded. Instead, our government did not act, but rather downplayed this pandemic. So, because of this egregious inaction, our whole nation is in shambles and on the edge, with many dying an untimely death…Our only option now is to shut down our economy and our way of life so that we can protect ourselves from infection and death. Until our medical technology catches up to speed with the lethality of this pestilence, the safest and best thing to do for everyone’s individual well-being is to isolate oneself to prevent the spread of this formidable unseen and uncontrollable foe – regardless of the deleterious effect this may have on our precious economy.
    Ultimately, individual life is more important than social economic vitality.

    • Jo Ann Skousen April 17, 2020 Reply

      So much to unpack here Smiley! Good to hear from you. First, no one is forced to work. If workers are afraid, they can shelter at home, like the rest of us have been require to do whose jobs have been closed down. Of course, they won’t receive an income, like the rest of us whose jobs have been closed down. That’s their choice. Meanwhile, employers have stepped up to provide safer work environments with greater distancing and sanitizing measures. Moreover, we’re not being soaked in the sacrifice of anyone’s blood. This virus is not like polio or tetanus or smallpox. For most people, the symptoms are mild. For others, the symptoms are crummy, but they get well. The most at-risk are not working–they’re retired, or they’re home because they’re immuno-compromised or living with disabilities. And if we followed your suggestion– “the safest and best thing to do for everyone’s individual well-being is to isolate oneself” — that is, if everyone stayed home, there would be no food, no medicine, no doctors, no nurses, no electricity, no internet, no police…. and the looters would take over. And finally, herd immunity is the only way to truly protect ourselves. So we’re just going to have to get it, and get over it, and get on with it.

  5. LES BARTLETT April 2, 2020 Reply

    Right on! A refreshing bit of reality . The cure is worse then the aliment.

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