Don’t Be Doomed!

I’d like to award you a ⭐️ gold star sticker if you can finish this sentence

“Those who fail to learn from the past are _________”

Did you get it? I’ll reveal the answer in just a minute.

But here’s the problem. Today our country is full of socialists and supporters of big government who are repeating the mistakes of the past because they never learned them.

The way we teach kids American history is totally upside down, which is why I am ecstatic to share a new resource that every freedom-loving family needs to help their kids learn the amazing ideas from American history.

So did you get the gold star? Here’s the full sentence:

Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

The problem is that young people are not taught to learn from the past. They are simply taught about the past.

That’s the message I share in this video, where I reveal our solution — a new children’s book that teaches American history the right way. (Scroll down to see a sample.)

Watch the video by clicking here.

We’ve created a 240-page, fully illustrated storybook for kids age 7-13 that teaches the inspiring stories of our country’s founding.

This powerful book solves a critical problem that other history books for kids all have.

Other books…

❌ Focus on superficial facts, such as dates and names of places and battles

❌ Gloss over the Founding Fathers’ ideas that revolutionized America and the world

❌ Don’t help young readers understand why what happened 250 years ago is relevant to our world today

In stark contrast to these boring history books, our America’s History stories…

✅ Help young readers understand history more deeply by immersing them in the stories around the events

✅ Teach the inspiring ideas of America’s founding and how those ideas are relevant to their lives today

✅ Challenge your children to learn from the past and apply those ideas to our world

✅ Are filled with examples about how the lessons of history are relevant to us today

✅ Are enjoyable to read as a family and turn history into an engaging story for kids of all ages

You can get the launch sale here. In addition to the storybook, the launch sale bundle also includes:

  1. Our 240-page, hardcover, beautifully illustrated history book — unlike any other book out there!
  2. Over 200 pages of companion curriculum filled with projects and activities to increase your child’s understanding of and love for American history
  3. Over 6 hours of MP3 audiobooks to listen to
  4. Over 4 hours of extra video stories of history

These items will be sold separately after launch. If you pre-order, you get everything — which will total $216 when sold separately — for just $74.99.

Order your copy now!

You’ve no doubt heard about the Tuttle Twins before. We’ve sold over 4 million books! Glenn Beck promotes our books on his show every day, and we’re often featured in media across the country because our books teach the ideas that America was built upon.

Schools no longer teach these ideas. (Even worse, many attack them.) That’s why it’s up to parents and grandparents to do it.

But you’re not alone — our team has books, curriculum, and more to help support the young ones in your life and make sure they learn how the world really works.

Like me, you don’t want your children to repeat the mistakes of the past. You want them to help save our country and make the future brighter. That means they need to learn from the past.

And that’s what our new 240-page book helps them do.

You can download a free chapter here and see if this book is the right fit for your family.