Anthem Film Festival Begins at Noon Wednesday

Wondering what to do after you register for FreedomFest on Wednesday? Come on down to the cool, comfortable, historic Elks Theatre for our session on “Rising Up” at the Anthem Libertarian Film Festival! We’re offering several inspiring films on rising above adversity, with post-screening panels that include the directors plus Doug Casey, Matt and Terry Kibbe, Gary Alexander, and Phil Magness.

12:30 Trauma to Triumph: The Rise of the Entrepreneur tells the moving stories of a  holocaust survivor and a Vietnam Vet who overcame the trauma of war through the dignity, creativity and productivity of entrepreneurship.



1:30 All We Have is the story of a Brooklyn family struggling to keep their restaurant afloat and their employees paid during the pandemic lockdown. Like hundreds of thousands of other small businesses, they give all they have to keep their dreams alive.



3:00 Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World. How did an orphan from the Jim Crow south who never finished high school and didn’t earn a college degree until age 28 become America’s foremost social commentator? You’ll find out during this remarkable documentary.


Opening Night!

9:00 Police Werk Need a little laughter? This short comedy takes a satirical look at police reaction to the pandemic lockdown.

9:15 Skid Row Marathon We’re bringing back our 2018 Grand Prize winner as part of our tenth anniversary celebration. This is the inspiring story of how a criminal court judge has changed the lives of hundreds of people on L.A.’s notorious Skid Row by starting a running club and restoring their dignity.

Your FreedomFest badge is your ticket to the movies! See you at the Elks Theatre, 512 Sixth Street, just three blocks south of the Civic Center.