Are you Healthy, Wealthy & Wise? Part 3—Being Wise

This is the final article in a three-part series focused on FreedomFest’s 2021 theme. Each part is a necessary foundation to the next. The premise of Part 1 is: “It’s impossible to be truly healthy if you don’t know who you are.” Accordingly, it focused on the Prevailing Mythology virtually everyone in America has fallen prey to; that is, the erroneous belief that they own a social security name, number and/or card.

Part 2 answers the questions, ‘If you’re not a SS cardholder, who are you?” and, “What do you own?”

It also briefly introduces the congressional Reese Committee’s 1954 discovery about the Carnegie Foundation’s ultimate goal, which is to create a collectivist society that people would volunteer for and that would give the Global Elite complete control of the national/global economy. We can see this full effect today.

Accordingly, they changed our history, government, education system and even the people’s belief in who they are and whom they worship.

Therefore, if you haven’t already read Part 1 and Part 2 or if the above review has not refreshed those articles in your mind, you should go back and read those articles now, before you press forward with this article.

I’ve always understood wisdom to be something gained over time by learning how to apply true knowledge through experience, so you can achieve your desired outcome. It requires us to be open to learning the truth and accepting our past errors and omissions as part of our learning experience.

Thus, discovering the truth about the Prevailing Mythology, the nature of the social security cardholder and the distinction between it and your own personal nature, are elemental to learning the law and developing the wisdom to apply it.

Millions of people believe in the necessity of obeying, honoring and sustaining the law, as do I.

However, I ask: “How can you obey, honor, sustain, or even comply with the law if you don’t know what it is?”

Answer: “It’s impossible!”

In our world today, most people know very little about our actual history and law, and they avoid actually learning it or learning how to apply it. They leave the law to lawyers and politicians, even though almost no one trusts either.

If you don’t think that’s a very bad idea, just look at what’s going on in Washington, D.C. today with Biden and the insurrecting Congress. It’s not wise to leave something so important in the hands of those you cannot trust!

In our world today, where the Prevailing Mythology is the basis for the USA P.A.T.R.I.O.T. A.C.T., Homeland Security Act, and Real ID Act, people are kept out of banks, government and business relationships. To be wise you not only have to know who you are, you have to be able to prove it.

We use the Way of Kings™ Foundational instruments to secure both our actual nature and our covenant bound relationship with God. We’ll introduce you to the Way of Kings™ at our FreedomFest booth (817–819). (The Way of Kings™ provide packaging and delivery of incredible custom designed asset protection systems.)

Then you need to be able to secure the true nature of the social security cardholder in the Social Security Administration’s own records, which Team Law helps its beneficiaries learn how to do.

With your natural nature and the social security cardholder both separately secured, you can clearly show the distinction between them and prove there is no general partnership relationship between them.

That gives the cardholder the ability to keep generate resources within its frame as a law bound Corp. U.S. agency trust without interfering with your private affairs.

The next step is to learn and secure the means for lawfully moving assets and resources out of the cardholder’s control and into your private control without creating a general partnership. Though this is quite simple to do, it eludes those who are still prey to the Prevailing Mythology.

Team Law has mastered this process and shares it with its beneficiaries.

Once you have those things secured, you can wisely begin to develop private assets that have no automatic limiting liabilities (such as taxes).

Over forty years ago, using this model (with no social security name, number or card), I personally founded Advanced Technology Micro Systems (ATMS) as a startup joint venture company. To buy hardware we privately borrowed $30,000. Over the next few years I built the company, and then accepted an offer to sell it for $25 million.

In our first year, when the company filed its Form 1065 tax return, they sent me a K1, which I refused to accept. Accounting asked me what they should do with the form I returned. I told them I would send it to IRS with a letter explaining why I returned it—I had no TIN and no interest in getting one.

IRS responded with a frivolous return fine of $500. Our tax accountant said we should pay the fine and then appeal it to the IRS appeals office (as per the statute). We did. In the following IRS investigation, I had to go to the local IRS office and provide them with company records.

About three months later, IRS called and said, “The case is closing in your favor. You were right and IRS was wrong, so, we’re returning your fine plus interest.”

To my surprise, the check they sent was for about $900. I called the agent to ask about the amount. He said they pay the same amount of interest they charge, less .1%. I asked if I could get them to take more money from us, because I liked their interest rate.

He said, “I can’t talk to you because you don’t have a social security number.

From that day forward, IRS has been unwilling to talk to me.

The bottom line: the system works. Learning how to learn the law is always the key to its proper application, and the people can solve virtually all of their modern problems by wisely learning and applying the law.

At FreedomFest this year, Team Law will help you begin your path of learning how to learn the law and apply the law.

It is the wisest, simplest, safest, fastest way to eliminate the effects of the Prevailing Mythology, put our government and economy back on track and secure your life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness.

I will be presenting:

① an interview with Gary Alexander on, FreedomFest’s Main Stage, Thursday, July 22, at: 9:50am (MDT), topic: “The Truth About Individual Sovereignty: Understanding Private Property and Your Constitutionally Secured Rights”;

②a breakout session on Thursday, at, 1:10pm, titled: “The Hijacking of Our Constitutional Republic: How It Happened, How It Affects You & What We Need to Do to Fix It”; and,

③ another breakout session on, Friday, July 23, at: 2:10pm, titled: “Debt and Private Property: Fixing America’s Most Hidden and Destructive Problems”.

You can learn more about these sessions at our booth.

Eric W. Madsen, is the Founder and Trustee of Team Law; an organization dedicated to helping people learn how to learn and apply law to help save our nation and ourselves.

Team Law and I are introducing my new book “FAKE 2” at FreedomFest this year. It fully fleshes out the Fake Cardholders, Fake Education System and Fake Government at the core of the Prevailing Mythology and shows you the path to resolving the problems we all now face. It opens the door to understanding how to create private tax free wealth.

Join us at FreedomFest booths 817-819, July 21-24 in Rapid City, South Dakota.