Introducing: Rogue White & Blue Clothing Company

James here! I’m the founder of Rogue White & Blue Clothing Company based in the great state of Utah.

I brought the brand to market in the fall of 2021 with a single goal in mind: To bring patriotism to the outdoor industry through American made products. But the idea for a patriotic outdoor business didn’t just happen out of nowhere. The origins of the company came from a genuine void that I experienced firsthand.

The Origin Story

I’ve always loved going into outdoor gear stores to check out cool lifestyle shirts and clothing. But when I started looking for patriotic themed hiking or camping brands, I couldn’t find any. I also started to recognize that nothing I could find was American made. No American made, and no pro America. As an Army Infantryman and avid outdoorsman, this was the tipping point for me.


It was time to create a community that celebrates both the Founding Fathers and Mother Nature.

Unapologetically loving America and creating products here will be viewed in the outdoor industry as going rogue. So that’s exactly what we’ll be: A rogue idea as wild and unexpected as the American landscape. Rogue White & Blue was born.

My years of experience in the sporting retail world, as a store manager and district manager, have given me the ability to recognize high quality products when I see them.

Our products are crafted exclusively from the highest quality materials and are like the U.S. Constitution: American Made and durable.

For now, it’s just me running the show (with some help from my amazing family & friends) out of my house in Salt Lake City. My adventures here in the Beehive State have been a huge inspiration in starting this small business.

I love this country — the people in it, the rugged wilderness it holds, all of it. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my small one-man-brand and its mission.

See you on the trail!