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Main Street Economics is devoted to educating the American voting public about basic economic concepts behind the problems facing our country and then offering solutions to those problems. We explain basic economics in laymen’s terms and analyze the issues facing our government. Common sense is used to present the policy ideas which will help move our country in the right direction.

  1. Why does MSE exist? Our mission is to educate the public on economics so people can vote for smart economic policy to get our country back on track. We inherited a country that works, and we are destroying it financially.  You, your kids, and our grandkids will face huge problems ahead if we do not fix it.


  1. What are we selling?   Nothing. Our only product is economic information and analysis. It is offered as a public service on our website. We are a non-profit, educational organization with no political agenda.


  1. What do we want?   Nothing. We neither ask for, nor accept donations.


  1. Who do we support politically? No one. We focus on prudent policy, not partisan politics. MSE is apolitical. It supports no parties or candidates.


Our web site offers three short animated videos that help viewers understand free enterprise,  the market economy, socialism, and democratic socialism. We also host a weekly email focused on economic issues, a series of PowerPoint presentations on Economics 101, plus various articles and videos.

Our First Book is Coming Soon: Why you should give a Damn about Economics.”

Part 1 features Economics for Laymen; Part 2, The Problems we Face today and Solutions.

The book will be available as a public service on our website this fall.

Here is one of the main problems we face today –



THE PROBLEM:  $112,000,000,000,000 – One hundred and twelve trillion dollars. 

These are the total liabilities and unfunded obligations of the U S Government.

That’s $340,000 for every man, woman, and child in America.

Why does this public debt matter to you?

If you’ve been to the grocery store or at a gas pump lately you are seeing what inflation is doing to our economy. And the less your money buys, the more it hurts!  This is bad economic policy at work. And when the debt bomb explodes, the economic mess will be ugly, making your life harder and the future uncertain.

What can you do?


Visit Mainstreeteconomics.org today and send a message to your representative:  FIX THE PROBLEM. IF THEY DON’T GET IT, VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO DOES. 

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