New Frontiers for FreedomFest

Part of our work at FreedomFest is to discover all the new and exciting developments in our world. Exploring new frontiers not only in our freedoms, but in entertainment, education, health care, technology, business and investing. I love to travel the world and meet the interesting people who are doing interesting things…and invite them to share that at FreedomFest!

Here are two of my recent meetings, which will result in two great events at FreedomFest this year!

William Shatner, Hollywood’s #1 Entrepreneur

SkousenShatnerMy wife Jo Ann and I recently meet with Shatner at his office in California.  He was quite friendly and expressed excitement about speaking to our group. His topic: “Exploring New Frontiers on the Free Enterprise.” He said he had read Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead,” and plans to talk about being an entrepreneur in the high-risk business of Hollywood filmmaking and television. He plans to take questions directly from the audience, and meet afterwards with up to 100 attendees, where he will sign copies of his latest book and take photographs, in an exclusive VIP reception. (Details TBA soon.)

“Little Pink House” to Open Anthem Film Festival

IMG_0161Jo Ann and I also attended the premiere of Courtney Balaker’s “Little Pink House” at the Santa Barbara film festival last month. We’ve had our eye on this film for the past two years while it was in development and I’m happy to report it was so good it even exceeded our expectations. With Catherine Keener as Susette Kelo, the Connecticut nurse who led her working class neighborhood all the way to the Supreme Court in a fight against a eminent domain case that forced them to sell their homes to Pfizer, and Jean Tripplehorn as the conniving director of the drive to take over the land, it’s a hit!

We are pleased to announce that “Little Pink House” will open the Anthem film Festival Wednesday night right after our welcome cocktail reception. The real Susette Kelo will be there, along with libertarian superstar attorney Scott Bullock of Institute for Justice, who argued the case in front of the Supreme Court, screenwriter (and Sports Illustrated columnist) Jeff Benedict (pictured with me here), and of course director and producer Courtney and Ted Balaker. Don’t miss the “Red Carpet” festivities!