Newsmax Reveals the Top 100 Most Influential Libertarians List

Today Newsmax magazine, in conjunction with FreedomFest, unveiled its first “Top 100 Most Influential Libertarians” list.

To see the list, go to

Ron Paul, the former congressman and presidential candidate, came in at the top spot.

The list of favorite libertarians in politics, academia, entertainment, finance and more was determined by Newsmax and a survey conducted in March by FreedomFest.  Over 10,000 people responded to the Newsmax/FreedomFest Survey, making for a thrilling race with different names overtaking the pack throughout the month.

Newsmax and FreedomFest reviewed the results and selected their list of Top 100 Most Influential Libertarians with an assessment of their influence.

Historic Photograph of Top Libertarians at This Year’s FreedomFest

FreedomFest is pleased to announce that it will be taking a photograph of the most influential libertarians at 5:00 pm PT on Friday, July 21, at the Paris Resort in Las Vegas, as part of its 10th anniversary celebration (July 19-22).

All top 100 libertarians on the list are being sent special invitations, and many have already confirmed they will be there for this landmark event. They include John Stossel, Lisa Kennedy, Steve Forbes, Nick Gillespie, David Boaz, Dan Mitchell, Jennifer Grossman, Matt and Terry Kibbe, Jeff Tucker, Doug Casey, Mark and Jo Ann Skousen, among many others.