Sparking Critical Thinking and Constructive Dialogue

COVID-19 disrupted learning on a massive scale. According to McKinsey & Co: “Students testing in 2021 were about ten points behind in math and nine points behind in reading, compared with matched students in previous years.”

Educators across the country are stepping up to close grade-level gaps in basic skills, while also grappling with students who are more socially consciousand more in need of critical thinking skillsthan ever before. With social media, students can spiral into ideological silos or echo chambers, driving them to repost and retweet catchy activist slogans without truly understanding the historical context of issues or the unintended consequences of their stances.

To help educators committed to developing their students’ critical thinking skills but strapped for time to develop curriculum, Stossel in the Classroom, a non-profit education program operated by Center for Independent Thought, provides them with free videos, teacher guides, worksheets, and other resources to help teach young people to think—not what to think. Our Both Sides of the Issue discussion series takes a trending topic and presents dueling arguments (via streaming videos) to offer a balanced perspective. We cover topics such as:

Each installment is coupled with downloadable discussion questions designed to stimulate students’ thought process and constructive dialogue.

Our video library and topic-specific modules make it easier for educators to present a fresh perspective on important and timely topics of the day, such as economics, free speech, regulation, social issues, and more. The library consists of over 300 videos, some produced by John Stossel and others by partner organizations, that can be streamed and downloaded, and browsed by category, subject, and theme. Many are paired with comprehensive teaching resources to bring complex subjects to life. Click here to watch students discuss the impact Stossel in the Classroom had on their lives.

Team members from Stossel in the Classroom will be at FreedomFest, “the world’s largest gathering of free minds,” July 13-16 at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. You can visit with them at Booth T17 and learn more about our work. Without young people who understand the value of civil discourse and critical thinking, we can’t turn the tide against disinformation. Join us in equipping them with the tools they need in today’s polarized environment: incisive thought, sound judgment, and informed perspectives necessary to defend—and even advocate for—freedom.