5 Common Salesforce Problems

My colleague Michal and I founded Maintask in 2017 in the hopes that we could transform the liberty movement from within. This transformation occurs for each pro-liberty group we work with by maximizing their Salesforce capabilities to make their team more efficient and effective at carrying out its mission.

No matter where your organization is, Maintask can analyze the situation and propose long-term solutions to propel your team forward. We work with our clients to cater specific solutions to their particular problems.

Though every organization is different, most organizations suffer from similar data challenges. This is especially true for Salesforce, but it’s true for any CRM.

Usually, when we first meet with an organization, we hear the following five problems with their Salesforce:

  • “Our data is all over the place, and we’d like to migrate all of the data to Salesforce.”


  • “We currently use Salesforce as a contact directory, but we know it can do more. We don’t know what we don’t know.”


  • “We want to integrate Salesforce with our website and digital marketing platforms in order to streamline our data.”


  • “We spend way too much time trying to compile reports and manipulate data, and it would be better if we spent that time doing our jobs.”


  • “We’d like to improve how we visualize our dashboards and metrics to improve accountability and decision-making.”


Thankfully, Maintask helps with these common problems and much more. We have made custom dashboards, apps, integrations, automations, portals, and workflows for our clients. We have completed large projects like custom-built event apps on top of Salesforce and extremely small items like fixing data fields or adjusting user licenses. Our team also does support packages — enhancing or replacing internal administrators.

We can train your staff on how Salesforce works, and we are happy to answer any questions clients have. Our clients like us because we get stuff done, and we ensure that Salesforce best practices are used at all times, which is very important if it’s being used for multiple departments in your organization.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out these verified reviews from our happy clients!

“Maintask has taken so much off of my team’s shoulders. We are so happy with their services! I would highly recommend them to any nonprofit who could use extra help managing their Salesforce. We have used plenty of consultants over the years, and it’s a huge difference to have one that is proactive, knowledgeable, actually helpful, and does the work for you!”

– Ashley Adams, Director of Development, FIRE

“Maintask successfully solved a longstanding integration challenge for our organization’s largest annual gala. They built an event app specific to our very particular needs that worked seamlessly for table and ticket purchases, seating arrangements, and backend coordination across the team. They are an absolute dream team and exceeded every expectation with the launch product.”

– Amanda France, Director of Events, CEI

“I have worked with many consultants over the years and I cannot speak more highly about Maintask. Every person was helpful, responsive and knowledgeable. If you need any assistance with Salesforce, Maintask is the company to call.”

– Ann Fitzgerald, Founder and President, AC Fitzgerald

Most likely, your organization works with a plethora of vendors. We would like to invite you to consider Maintask as a potential vendor as we offer high-quality services for a reasonable price. And, it doesn’t hurt that our staff has worked within the liberty movement for five years.

If you have questions about Maintask, our services, and what we can do for your organization, please feel free to contact David Collins, our business development manager, at [email protected] or you can reach out to us on our website at maintask.io.

It was great meeting with so many of you at FreedomFest! Thank you for all that you do to promote liberty.

  • Jan Skapa, CEO, Maintask

Maintask is an official Salesforce Consulting Partner that helps increase the revenues of liberty-oriented nonprofits by implementing, developing, and customizing Salesforce, the world’s #1CRM.

We have a team of Salesforce experts who understand major gifts. We provide system development, administration, data management, custom coding, and more – so you cann supercharge your daily operations. 

Whether your organization is new to Salesforce or already settled on the platform does not matter. Our certified experts are here to help you maximize your Salesforce ROI.