How to Profit from Growing Inflation

It seems like everywhere we turn, prices of our essential goods are constantly on the rise and the tales of inflation wreaking havoc on our economy flood the news like reality tv. In fact, consumer prices are up 9.1% through the end of June 2022.

So what’s the solution? Is there any way to slow the effects of a rising cost of living?

We’ll let you in on how we’ve beat inflation – by investing in multi-family real estate.

Historic Market Arcade in Downtown Buffalo, where Sinatra & Co. is currently headquartered.

Multi-family realty investments make a fantastic hedge against inflation for a multitude of reasons. In well-run apartment deals, the property’s biggest expense – its mortgage – is fixed for the entire duration of ownership. That means that as the price of everything else rises, your investment remains consistent and predictable. On top of that, rent is a necessary expense, so rents rise in the same way food, gas, and utilities do. As inflation rises, rental income and apartment property values typically rise as well. Coupling steady costs with rising profits allows a multi-family investment to grow wealth beyond economic pressures.

What’s the best way to jump in?

You could certainly spend time identifying a profitable property and then work to manage, maintain, and develop it. Or you can invest in an all-in-one property operator like Sinatra & Co. that has years of experience in managing properties while garnering attractive returns for investors.

Here are two current investment opportunities to overcome inflation:

Direct Property Investment – New River Apartments, Tampa FL

The Flats at Seminole Heights were acquired by Sinatra & Co. in 2022.

Sinatra & Co. expanded its operations to Tampa in July of 2022 with the acquisition of two apartment properties totaling 293 units, and the opening of its southern regional office. We now have the New River Apartments, a 218-unit garden-style property, that is currently under a purchase contract for closing in September 2022. The property is located on the beautiful Hillsborough River, and is close to Downtown, the Tampa International Airport, hospitals, colleges, and major employers. There is still room for accredited investors. Rent growth is sure to be high!

Gaining a Competitive Edge – Sinatra & Co. Notes Fund

The Notes Fund grants Sinatra & Co. an advantage when acquiring, managing, and operating multi-family properties. Quick access to affordable capital from investors increases our operational efficiency while investments in business-friendly and hot markets puts us in a position to expand rapidly. Meanwhile, investors enjoy a 10% annualized return on their investment paid monthly to them. The Fund is $20 million with $10 million already raised. Minimum investment is $100,000 and there is room for approximately 50 more accredited investors.

You don’t have to let your money stagnate while it continues to lose value. Get the best hedge against inflation with multi-family real estate investments!

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