The Digitization of an Outdated Industry

Alexa quietly nudged my robot vacuum to life in the early hours of the morning and then started my coffee about 20 minutes before she called my name to wake me up with my favorite song, just as I had programmed her to do. My Smart Watch kept track of my heart rate and the calories I burned as I took my usual brisk walk through the neighborhood. My Smart Phone also vibrated with a text from the hardware store confirming my lumber delivery. And the design app on my tablet allowed me to review the renovation plans for the day and the specific building project I wanted to complete. It was such a smooth and seamless, technology-aided start to a great day. Great, that is, until my traditional power drill let me down and yanked me back into the dark ages of stripped screws, taped bits, imperfect spacing, lost shreds of paper on which important measurements were scribbled, and an unhealthy dose of frustration and profanity. Unfortunately, this is a familiar story for DIYers and professionals all across this country. They are working with tools whose designs haven’t changed in any significant way in decades. The exciting news is that this is about to change.

Robbox Tools, founded in 2016 by a team of professionals committed to all things construction and DIY, is about to rock the world with tech-enabled tools that are safe and simple to use, will increase productivity, and are easy to store. They have begun with the most common tool found on the professional job site and in the home – the xDrill™. It’s the first of its kind Smart Digital Power Drill, with laser measuring, digital leveling, intelligent speeds, and an interactive touch screen. This lightweight (3.5 lbs), easy-to-use drill is going to revolutionize the power tool industry.

Hands down, the interactive and effortless LED touch screen is what makes this drill so outstanding. With a few simple taps, you can select custom angles, torque control, special measurements, drill point coordinates, and depth control. The cross-hairs on the digital level, which can be used vertically or horizontally, have an easy-to-see bubble. Simply keep your eye on the screen and your drilling will always be level. That sound of stripping drill bits and screws? Gone forever!

 Another impressive feature of the xDrill™ are its top and bottom lasers that provide real-time readings. We’ve all struggled to hold a tape measure against a wall with one hand and a pencil in the other in an effort to mark evenly spaced points. The top laser on the xDrill™, which rotates 180°, eliminates that struggle. By pointing the laser at a side wall you can precisely measure drilling points. The bottom laser will ensure each screw placement is at the same height. The lasers can also be used to measure sections of a room or the entire space. No tapes, marks on walls or floors, or wondering why you don’t have an assistant to help.

With the xDrill™ the days of trying to eyeball measurements are done and guesswork about torque speed is no more. Remember taping drill bits to avoid drilling too deep into walls or floors? Or shuffling through bits of paper trying to find the torque calculations you jotted down? These will be but a memory. The touch screen allows you to select the number of inches or centimeters that you want to drill into the wall and the xDrill™ will stop automatically when that depth is reached. With two more taps selecting material and bit size, the drill is ready to deliver the optimal torque speed.

DIYers and professionals alike can find uniform angle drilling confounding. The xDrill™ allows you to quickly choose a custom angle and maintain it simply by watching the cross-hairs on the screen. Double-tap the screen and the angle is saved, making drilling the rest of the points effortless.

 The xDrill™’s amazing and easily downloadable app, compatible with iOS and Android, is like a neatly tied bow on a present.  By providing this kind of data and guidance, Robbox has given DIYers the ability not only to feel like a professional but to produce projects that look professional too. By using this app you can save measurements, find your drill (but why would you be without it?), lock it if someone steals it and set up user profiles. The app will also keep the usage data of run time, torque, and speed. It will even track how many times you drop the drill – but please don’t.

The xDrill™ comes with a 21-volt lithium-ion battery that has a 45-minute charge time and a corded charging station. Its technology and brushless motor are protected by glass-filled, impact-resistant plastic and a double lip, shock-absorbent weather sealing gasket. The LED touchscreen is hardened glass and covered with an anti-scratch film. An impact protective, removable cover protects the touchscreen when the drill isn’t in use.

The mission of Robbox Tools is to create the kind of quality Smart Power Tools that maximize safety and increase productivity. Many people dream of DIY projects that they would love to do but too often they find themselves intimidated by power tools. The Smart technology of the xDrill™ and future Robbox Tools will crush that barrier and provide users with a real sense of control and safety. The technology will help to get jobs done quickly, professionally, and with a great deal more convenience than being saddled with traditional power tools.

To learn more, come to FreedomFest in Rapid City, South Dakota July 21-24 where we will be exhibiting our exciting new company in the “Tradeshow For Liberty” at Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.